Organisation-wide Internship and Field Placement Tracking

Sonia provides a rock solid foundation to support internships and field placements (or clinical placements, work experience, cooperative education, field education) throughout your organisation. From the largest faculties placing thousands of students per year through to small schools that wish to record student-initiated placements, Sonia handles them all.  We know that every area of your organisation has its own terminology and placement rules - Sonia has the flexibility to handle them all.

IMS Global Certified

Sonia Can Help Busy Placement Staff

Sonia helps your team stay on top of placements and keep the stress level down.  Your students will use Sonia to keep track of their placements, prerequisites and preferences - meaning fewer emails and phone calls.

Sonia helps you manage the organisations you deal with. Your relationship with an organisation is more than a name and address. You want to make sure that the placement providers and your students enjoy a really great placement experience. Students will be prepared with the right information and venues will be kept up to date with tailored emails, web site and printed information.

Standard reports and flexible exports make it easy to satisfy requests for placement data and statistics.

Site Management

Sonia is a fantastic choice for universities looking for an organisation-wide placement solution. While schools can keep and control their own terminology and business rules, Sonia allows placement providers (sites) to be shared across the organisation.

Potential placement providers can use the Sonia web site to nominate themselves and provide the initial contact information.

These new venues can be tracked and processed in Sonia and eventually turned into qualified placement providers.

Only Sonia gives this flexibility plus the power to manage thousands of student placements simultaneously.

Sonia Key Features

  • FREE Apps - Sonia for Students and Sonia for Supervisors - Keep you and your students and supervisors connected and informed (available on the Play Store and App Store) 
  • Supports multiple schools
  • Dashboard application to see maps and metrics across schools
  • Staff can customise terminology and business rules to suit their unique requirements
  • ALL Placement Models supported: options range from automated allocation through to student-driven
  • Connection to your student enrolment system and other university infrastructure
  • Integrate with any LTI certified Learning Management System platform or Tools, including Blackboard and TurnItIn
  • Bulk emailing/SMS with mail merge
  • Automated notifications, activity display and reminders
  • Electronic forms easily designed and sent to contacts allowing two way data flow
  • Custom fields can be added throughout Sonia
  • Sites can be shared across all schools
  • Interviews can be setup between sites, students, supervisors, etc.
  • Unlimited attachment of documents, links and notes
  • Student timesheets with approval process and tracking of competencies
  • Easy to use wizards to reduce data input
  • Online registration of potential new placement providers
  • Student and Supervisor nomination of new sites
  • Supervisor roster for planning and allocating supervisor staff to placements
  • Ad hoc reports and exports give you flexible access to the data you need
  • Over 100 reports available
  • Invoice module and Mentor payments with configurable calculation methods
  • Social networking built in - send your alerts to students via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Placement history is retained indefinitely
  • Import placement information from state government systems such as ClinConnect and Placeright
  • Placement provider integration: support Sonia Central and SPOT
  • Online standards compliance and accessibility (WCAH 2.0, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA)
  • Electronic portfolio
  • Calendars
  • Advertise opportunities
  • Multilingual/Internationalised



  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS, 8G RAM
  • Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2012 R2, 8G RAM
  • Placement staff workstations: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Apple macOS*, multiple monitors
  • Students, supervisors and placement provider staff: a current web browser.


  • Oracle is a fully supported alternative to Microsoft SQL Server

Student Enrolment System

  • Sonia works with all student enrolment systems

Cloud Support

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

* requires additional software