Planet Software provides world class software development services. We design, architect and develop enterprise-class applications utilising Microsoft and open standard technologies.

Our reputation for delivering well architected solutions on time, and with all requirements met, is due to excellent communication and our unique development process. Some of our custom applications that were developed 16 years ago are still in day to day service: Ministerial correspondence is tracked across South Australian government using an application that Planet Software won awards for in 1999. Also in South Australia, objections to the valuation of property land values are still managed using a product called eValue, developed by Planet Software a decade ago.

Our experience will help lower the risk inherent in change, and result in time efficiencies that will save you money both in the short term and long.

Recent projects have utilised technologies such as Angular, Xamarin, HTML5, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, MVC, ASP.NET, WPF; this list is constantly evolving as we embrace the latest/greatest to the benefit of our clients.

Accessibility, Internationalisation, Localisation and Beyond

At Planet Software we are passionate about producing software that can adapt to different languages and regional differences. The world is a big place, and failing to take language and culture into account limits the scope of a solution to a small part of the market.

We also have extensive experience in ensuring our web based software is accessible, which is mandatory in some states/countries.

Our Sonia product is culture aware, and aside from dealing with standard date formatting differences, determines whether a user will want to see distance in miles or kilometres based on their region.  Online users get to pick from one of a number of languages, and can get an enhanced accessible experience as well as being mobile friendly.

We are a multi-cultural organisation, and between our staff we can speak English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Hindi!